From OK to CA

Several years ago I moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma to San Diego, California. From the banks of the Arkansas River to the boardwalks of the Pacific Ocean. Now my heart is in three places Tulsa, the beach and now the low desert. Traveling around the world has shown me that no one places has a monopoly on beauty and that there are more good people than bad. Each place that I have lived in and visited has shaped who I am and how I see the world and am grateful for all the experiences.

I continue to explore, grow and learn from those around me. I enjoy challenges. I consider southern California my home whether it be the endless miles of beautiful beaches meeting breathtaking sunsets or the majestic mountains of the Coachella Valley.

The best day begins with an early morning bike ride either along the Santa Rosa foothills or trails west. Then a tasty lunch with friends. Back to Club Cheyenne, my quaint and cozy mid-century modern home to clean up. Followed by  time working on projects. And then time to select a nice chardonnay, Shiraz or sparkling wine to pair with a tasty and wholesome recipe. After dinner it's time to go out on the town to listen to  live music and bust out some moves on the dance floor!

I'll be sharing interesting stories, essays, photos and videos. I hope that you enjoy them and also visit my Multiple Subjects youtube channel  and follow me on social media. May we be fellow travelers and stay engaged.